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Could be useful i guess, but why not just type it in a guide rather than make somewhat of an animation out of it.

pyro4869 responds:

Its mostly just practice, thought i would see what i could do with flash minecraft guide wise


wats the name of the first song

fucking true

so true obama will win the election but i just dont want him being our president !

Samination responds:

I somewhat agree with you. I don't think McCain would be a terrible President, but we just can't risk a President Palin. So, with that in mind... VOTE OBAMA! :)

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Was stuck on a white loading screen i assume, for awhile. when it loaded i noticed when i shot the ball the spring didn't move at all, the ball does not travel in random directions, restart it a few times and you will see. its basic so i am giving 1 star.

Very Fun!

well i beat it. the highscores wernt working so this is kindve a bummer. my score final was 184,631. i finished with 84,213 gold and 16,321 crystals. the final boss the big guy was the hardest. i had beat everyone. then at the end the screen faded white and said you have beat the invaders. that game was fun. veryy fun. took 2 hours to beat, but ehh i like a challenge so great job! thanks for this amazing game.

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u truly are a god of flash,

i know this is asking much, can u give me lessons please? i can walk, and kick with the brush tool but, lines are to hard, i was wondering if u could teach me some moves, with the brush like punching, kicking behind, and flipping and stuff

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I love it its very nice

I love it its very nice keep up the good work man

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Good but..

im not one to judge dont get me wrong this is realy good you got some talent man, and the car looks awsome good textures, shading and lighting, but not realistic, the car itself is shorter then a real verison but goodjob.

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